Paysafecard Fees

Here's a break down of all Paysafecard's fees.

Why choose Paysafecard?

The extremely transparent sliding scale model is based on monthly transaction volumes. The scale starts at 15% for low volumes and falls to 9.5% for merchants with a transaction volume exceeding €350,000. Special conditions may apply to selected sectors and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).
paysafecard does not charge set-up fees, monthly basic fees or other hidden charges for merchants.
Payments are usually made once a month with payment due after 14 days or twice a month with payment due after 21 days.

How much are Paysafecard fees?

Both the use of paysafecard and the payment are generally free of charge. However, subject to applicable law, the following fees may arise.
Monthly Administration Fee
PIN Refund Fee

Fees charged by authorized distributors


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